Even these days we have this image of AI acting as a human robot which outsmarts its creator. In real life, AI works in much more simple ways. We face AI every day: our newsfeed is customized especially for us,  e-shops use chatbots which can help us pick the right size of heels without even talking to a real person. It is obvious that our footprint on the internet is noticed by AI. Did you know that the decisions on how we spend our free time can be determined by AI as well?

Netflix: what are you watching tonight?

Having more than 120 mln users worldwide, movie platform Netflix is a truly privileged internet company collecting huge amounts of data on user behavior. Data acquired by Netflix empowers AI algorithm to determine viewer’s behavior and preferences. Basically, Netflix decides which movie is going to make you laugh tonight. In order to create a personalized platform for each user, an algorithm analyzes your every move on the app – your viewing history, previous ratings, and even the exact minute when you paused a movie. This technique is based on exploitation. AI discovers each user’s previous preferences, movie ratings and that allows it to make specific suggestions. Meanwhile, Spotify uses a different approach called exploration, which is based on analyzing the behavior of other users.

Spotify: what are you listening to tomorrow?

Every week a music streaming app Spotify prepares a personalized playlist called Discover Weekly - 30 songs cherry-picked just for you. Unlike Netflix, Spotify does not have a rating system. Discover Weekly algorithm is constructed on a stream count. In addition to that, Spotify uses an analytical tool Echo Nest which has a capability of discovering patterns not only in genres but also in texts using a neurolinguistic approach. Moreover, by applying collaborative filtering method, AI analyzes both your behavior and how other app users listen to certain songs. This complex AI approach teaches an algorithm to recognize the type of music a user might want to listen in the future. If you are not happy with your playlist or certain songs, the algorithm mutates, and next week it is back with a different playlist.

IBM Watson: your personalized AI parties

IBM Watson AI tool has been on the block for a while now – both in the medicine field and language translations. These days Watson is working on drawing personal characteristics using linguistic analytics. That means that Watson can throw you a personalized party and pick everything – from snacks to music. As mentioned before, this AI tool uses language analysis to draw conclusions, so just by scanning your tweets and Facebook posts it can decide whether you’ll be listening to Micheal Jackson or Oasis at your party. Even to pick the right personalized snack for you, Watson only has to analyze a short paragraph of text – social media post or a LinkedIn summary. So don’t be surprised, if Watson invites you to a party made just for you.

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