5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Help Suggest Ideas For Free Time


People are always looking for ways to get the most out of their free time and to have more fun. It is no surprise that various high-quality apps are being introduced today to help people with getting more out of their free time. Artificial Intelligence will continue to grow and thrive by helping people to get the most out of leisure. Just look at some of the ways how AI can help people do more with their time.

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5 Unexpected Uses Of Artificial Intelligence


Now that we are officially and well into Information Age, artificial intelligence is becoming a part of our daily conversations. Since the technology itself is truly fascinating, we often speak of it very fondly, mainly thinking of the most cutting edge and life-changing innovations. However, most of us, even the laggards, have already probably experienced it in one way or another. Here, we introduce five unexpected uses of AI.

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The Revolution of AI: from Content Marketing to our Everyday Lives


Even these days we have this image of AI acting as a human robot which outsmarts its creator. In real life, AI works in much more simple ways. We face AI every day: our newsfeed is customized especially for us, e-shops use chatbots which can help us pick the right size of heels without even talking to a real person. It is obvious that our footprint on the internet is noticed by AI. Did you know that the decisions on how we spend our free time can be determined by AI as well?

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A Very Brief History of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Today, no matter where we look, AI is everywhere, and it seems like everyone is talking about it. From shaping our content feeds to help us take better photos or find information, AI has really grown into a massive industry with the help of countless engineers, programmers and data scientists. But it wasn’t always like this. Like every story, AI has its beginnings.

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So Me! AI is Learning and Getting Ready to Overtake Picks


We’re working on perfecting So Me! every day, and are more than happy to share the current status with you. In short, AI is at the learning stage right now and is getting ready to overtake Picks completely. In the meantime, Picks are presented in random order. Read up to see how So Me! works.

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