Always Find
Best Activities

An app that helps you discover activities you would want to do. Make the most of your time and experience more.

Often Missing Ideas

There are many activities in the world that you can do. But it’s difficult to find and choose what you need. And often you run out of ideas.

Get Them Right Away

Imagine that every time you want something new or forgotten, you would get the best idea right away. This is the vision of So Me!

How It’s Done?

We collect all the activities that people do. Then we help you choose from them based on your personality, who you want to do it with and for how much time.

More About Features

Challenge Yourself

Think about all the chances you could spend your time more meaningful. Its whenever you:

  • have some free time
  • have an occasion
  • meet your friends
  • look for a new hobby
  • plan a getaway

Improve Constantly

So Me! learns about you and applies it every time you look for activities. This way suggestions are getting better and inspires you for more personalized activities.

Get Further In Life

Life is a constant journey to the knowledge of ourselves and the world. So Me! will guide you on your personal path and help you to travel further.

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